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JTM 45


That classic blues & rock amplifier that delivers a smooth sound, bell like chimes, warm bass and a great touch response. My version is based on the 1966 Drake models of the 45's. These are tube rectified with the option to have 2x KT66 or 2x 6L6 

JTM 45 A.jpg
JTM 45 G.png
JTM 45 B.jpg
jtm 45 F.png

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The conversion amp between the JTM 45s and the fully lead specs amps which started in 1968. These amps still had a bass tone stack just like the 45s but mostly came equipped with EL34's (more grit) instead of the KT66 like the JTM 45 had. You can have your choice of a tube rectifier if you still want some of the classic sag of the 45s or solid state rectifier if you want a bit tighter of a sound. 

Transformer options: Canadian made Hammond, Heyboer, Mercury

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