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Making your sonic dreams come true!

Custom Builds

I conduct all my work and custom builds with an one-on-one approach. I work closely with my customers every step of the way, ensuring that they are involved in the build from start to finish. I enjoy bringing to life my client's sonic dreams and providing them with a final product that will have many years of enjoyment.

I can build replicas of many specific models or years of your choice. For example: Plexi, Metal panel style (Master or Non Master), and Tweed/Blackface style. Alternatively, if you have a certain vintage amp you would be interested in a clone of, please let me know. I'm always up for a challenge.  If you don't see a specific amp on this site that you may be interested in, please feel free to contact me for details.  


Some things we will discuss for your custom build:

  • Large head shells for 100 watt models and choice of small or large for the 50 watt models (extra small heads are available for anything 50 watts or less).

  • Various Tolex colours and style options are always available.

  • Matching cabinets are available for your head. I am able to ship amp heads within North America or to Europe. Cabs (2x12 only) can ship within North America. 

  • Post Phase Inverter Master Volumes Installed (Great way to get that sound you're looking for at low volume when needed). 

  • Transformers - I usually have more than one brand or option available, so we would discuss which is best suited for your amp tone.

  • Push/Pull bright switch (A great option to have more control over the brightness of your tone).

  • Tubes power or preamp (different brands). 



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