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 Legendary Tones HOT MOD

I am now the Canadian dealer for the Legendary Tones Hot Mod

For JMP 2203/2204/1959/1987 & JCM 800 series
For more specific details and ordering please contact me.

hot mod 2.png

Do you have one of the above mentioned amp series, your amp is stock with it's 3 preamp tube section and sometimes you just wish it had more gain on tap but don't want to have your amp circuit modded or cut up with extra holes because you like how it sounds now or maybe your having a hard time finding that right pedal to boost it with. Well with the Hot Mod you can simply add another tube gain stage to your amp with zero changes to your amp!

This unit is very simple to use, plug and play with no wiring involved at all. Simply take the rear cover off your amp head (power off/unplug before hand as safety first!) then remove the v2 tube which is the middle of your 3 pre-amp tubes. The hot mod unit then just inserts and presses down into the tube socket just like any other tube. There is a thumbscrew on the side to help lock it in place then an alligator style ground clip which you can ground to the chassis or a power tube holder bracket. Now power up your amp and you have an extra gain stage for that added gain, grit and growl. This unit keeps your original sound intact but only adds to it in a good way!

The unit comes already installed with 1x 12AX7 and 1x 12AT7 tube. You can swap out the 12AT7 for another 12AX7 if desired once you have it.

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