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Just what the Doctor ordered.

Ordering/Info/Lead Times

  • Lead times are approximately 90 days.

  • I work off a wait list, and I stick to a schedule.

  • When emailing for an amp and trying to nail a tone, it's best to include a Youtube video, as most of my amps are custom and there are certain nuances to each one I build.

  • All prices are in Canadian dollars; however, I will convert to country of sale currency at time of sale.

  • Once a quote has been provided and you are ready to proceed, I require 50% of the quote as a down payment. Note: shipping is additional and doesn't form part of the initial quote.

  • Amps can be built with options such as:
         1) switchable bright cap
         2) Post Phase master volume.


  • Amps can have transformer options:
         1) Canadian made Hammond (no upcharge)
         2) Heyboer ($250 upcharge)
         3) M
    ercury Magnetics ($400 upcharge)


  • Either Sozo or Mallory signal caps come as standard (depends on availability at the time)

  • There are no upcharges for the various colours available in Tolex

  • 99% of the time shipping is done through Canada Post either 1) Expedited or 2) Express post

  • Insurance is not included in the shipping quote. Standard fee is $2.50 per $100 from Canada Post.

  • Your amp will be traceable through USPS once it has entered the US mail service.

    If you have any more questions, please email me I try my best to respond at a quick rate.


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