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The M-68


This amplifier is a clone of a 1968 JMP 50 watt fully lead spec head. These original amps although can sound great they can be quite bright and sometimes harsher sounding with a lot of gain on tap. For this reason, I have done a few tweaks to this '68 circuit to make this amp the perfect medium gain/middle of the road amplifier. (Think smoother like the bass model but still with the crunch and tightness of the lead).


It cleans up really nice when the amp or guitar volume is turned down, or if you're looking for more grit, just turn the amp up and use your guitar's volume to dial in that perfect classic rock crunch. This amp is the ultimate pedal platform so if you're still wanting more, boost the front end with the overdrive of your choice. Now you're into heavier territory!

Transformer options: Canadian made Hammond or Mercury

m-68 front 1.png
m-68 back.png
m-68 inside.png
m-68 back 2.png

Green amp is the M-68 Boosted with overdrive pedal

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