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Woodside 50


This amp came as a result of building “JMP 2204” amps and was born from the ultimate modified 2204 type circuit.  The circuit is tight and focused and is going after more of an 80’s style rock tone. It is HEAVILY modified and tweaked and takes off compared to a 2204. This is my “California Special” amp designed in “Dartmouth Nova Scotia” and this is where the “Woodside” name came from!  


It can be bright and crisp. The eq is very interactive, the preamp drive is 4 more “points” higher than a stock 2204 and the amp sits lovely in a mix. Guys like Tim Caswell and Frank Levi made legendary modified Marshall amps into recording legends in the 80’s & 90’s. This amp is my nod to them as this was a very influential tone from my yesteryears. The power amp has higher voltage for increased power amp headroom and volume and the preamp is tweaked for tightness as this amp has a focused preamp distortion. 


The Woodside comes standard with a custom Mercury Magnetics Output transformer wound to my specification and can feature a solid state loop as well for a $150 upcharge. 


Controls are: Drive, Master Volume, Treble, Midrange, Bass & Presence. The optimal speaker for this amp is a G12-65 Celestion or a WGS ET-65. However it can sound excellent with other speakers.  


 3 x 12AX7 & 2 x EL34 tubes standard. Comes in a small box format. 

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